by Daniel Ray Parker

I work in the same building as my lovely wife, so we ride in together every morning in her car to save on fuel costs. When we arrive in the parking garage and say are daily goodbyes she heads to her office and I usually head to mine, but not today. I go out the back way, catch a bus home, and install three hidden cameras in our bedroom that feed directly to my smart phone. Every Tuesday and Thursday at noon my perfect wife and her handsome boss meet at my home for their secret filthy rendezvous that takes place in our bed. Today is Tuesday, just after noon and I am quietly sitting in my bedroom closet, painfully listening to another man pleasure my loving spouse of twelve years. Thirty minutes later as I stand crying and hysterically laughing alone in the middle of my bedroom as I send the amateur porn video that was just made to every email address at the building that we all work at!  


Daniel Ray Parker deals with personal issues in personal ways.