by Lara Lenhoff

He followed her through the streets of New York, both during the day and the night, and she was completely oblivious to his lurking. His fascination with her began the day that he saw her sitting alone in a cafe, reading a magazine and enjoying moments of silence as well as overhearing random conversations. He was a coward and a starving artist with a shaggy wardrobe and she was a rare beauty with accompanying sophistication. One day, he told himself, he would approach her with a white rose and introduce himself, only to hear the sweetness of her voice. There was much he had to learn about women, both he and his friend's knew that. He just wanted to say hello, and being a romantic and a poet at heart, that was his only wish.


Lara Lenhoff currently lives in Texas and is a member of the Connecticut-based Long Ridge Writer's Group.

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