by Laura Garrison

My husband's parents were on their way, and I had burned the chicken. It was time to find out if this new oven was worth what we had paid for it. I pressed the button marked "Reverse." As I watched through the window, the black smoke disappeared while the charred skin turned golden and then pinkish-white. The carcass sprouted feathers, the head and feet grew back, and then it was shrinking so quickly that by the time I registered the bewildered expression on the downy chick's face she was no more than a brown egg balanced on the wire rack. My mother-in-law was not going to be pleased.


Laura Garrison lives in Maryland. She enjoys drinking tea, taking naps, and doodling.


Anonymous said...

And that's probably not the end of the story ... the egg went back into the chicken which had laid it, etc. :) Cute!

Madam Z said...

If I had an oven like that, I'd be tempted to crawl into it and have someone hit "reverse." It could be the ultimate "do-over."

MOV said...

oh, I adore this story!!!! so creative. :)


Unknown said...

Absolutely fantastic. Had me laughing after the first sentence, and the image in my mind of the situation is flawless. Excellent :)