Summer in Newport Beach

by Joseph Grant

When they first met, he was a watered down version of someone else's genius. She was a beautiful dreamer, left alone on the dance floor of life until he introduced himself for a lead. He thought her dress was beautiful but would look better upon his bedroom floor. He was a pale, dipsomaniac writer who liked to soak his paper in white wine and write upon their drying, for in that way, his words could be saturated in the golden speech of the gods. Under the bright summer sun of innocence, he learned that she married well but divorced even better and when they wed, she held true to her course until the bitterest of ends. Later on, he would write of her, using her and her friends as sunburned inspiration for his salty novels, and they would pepper their conversations with each other's names, but never again would they attend the same social; such was summer in Newport Beach.


Joseph Grant is considered 6S Royalty. Find him on Facebook.


Kevin Michaels said...

This is how it's done.

Well written six from one of 6S's original voices....Joe has always been able to tell a complete story vividly and explicitly in six sentences. Great to see him back at 6S.

joewilliess@aol.com said...

Joe is a literary genius in the making. Bravo Joe!

Salvatore Buttaci said...

Joe has the ability to make words dance and sing, spit and growl, and he does so as if it were the easiest thing in the world. I'm proud to call him my friend and one of my favorite writers.

Nikon said...

Beautiful, Joe.
You really know how to select the right words and build them into crisp sentences that add up to a fabulous gem of a story!

Anonymous said...

I have been following Joe's work for a while now and each piece evokes such passion, love, romance, suspense, drama. His writing is one I will always enjoy because each one is a masterpiece.

Madam Z said...

Can anyone else tell a whole story, so cleverly, in a mere six sentences? Joe, if you write a "salty novel," I will "pepper" my conversations with praise for it, I guarantee.