Murderous Eggs

by Rod Drake

Aldous was frightened of eggs; not allergic to them, but frightened of them, with their smooth, opaque eggshells sitting in uniform rows, never alone, gleaming up at him behind an invisible veil of refrigeration in grocery and convenience stores everywhere. Fiendish, terrifying; he knew that eggs were out to get him. So it was with great trepidation that he stayed over at Marcie’s, his new girlfriend, apartment, when she asked him to one night (since sex overwhelmed, but did not erase, the fear of eggs in her refrigerator). After Marcie was in bed and waiting for him, he took a couple of minutes and using some masking tape he found, Aldous securely latched the refrigerator door—let those thin-shelled demons try to escape now, he thought smugly. Early the next morning, Aldous quietly got up and headed into the kitchen for a drink, only to discovered that the tape was ripped loose from the refrigerator door; had Marcie done it in the night, he wondered, or... He walked through the dark apartment to the bathroom, suddenly feeling the crack of several eggs under his feet, which caused him to slip on the wet yolks smearing the tile, losing his balance, and careen forward to bash his head fatally on the tub—Aldous’ last thought was hearing the silent telepathic laughter of eggs everywhere.


Rod Drake is the Official 6S Author for Friday the 13th and Halloween.