Hues of Quiet Beneath Stained Glass

by Jody J. Sperling

Windows know nothing of transparency compared to my wife’s thoughts in this place. She sees that churches were built to make people look up. Their tile floors: unimpressive, beige, unkempt not unlike the ministers who serve there. The ministers who serve there: hidden in the shadows, contemplating their sins, pondering denial, Catholicism, a move to expiate with coins and empty confessions, pining to be one of the saints emblazoned on stain glassed windows. Those windows: reds and blues, greens, golds and silvers, are keepers of the illusion. Church is a quiet place today.


Jody J. Sperling lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his lovely wife, and attends the University of Nebraska, Omaha in pursuit of a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. His stories and poetry have appeared in Bartleby Snopes, The Linnet's Wings, Eunoia Review, and The Metropolitan.