Soft Earth

by Rod Drake

I thought I had ended my relationship very clearly and very definitely with Lucy. Things had gone well between us for the first couple of months, and Lucy had her charms, don’t misunderstand me. No one is all bad, except perhaps me, and I am working on my own problems, but I think I can deal with difficult situations and personalities pretty effectively, Lucy being just another case in point. Lucy fought, of course, but she wasn’t the first girl that I had to end it with; that’s how breakups go usually, at least mine do. Then came that drizzly, rainy Tuesday, shrouding everything in a soggy haze. I believed Lucy was out of my life forever, so imagine my surprise when she appeared at my door, disheveled, dirty and bloody, when I was sure that I had killed and buried her a week ago.


Rod Drake is the Official 6S Author for Friday the 13th and Halloween. Boo!