Lady Luck

by Mike Revell

They call her Lady Luck, the girl with the golden hair, but only because they met her on a good day. They remember their promotions or proposals, or love at first sight, and they glow at the memory. But there are bad days. And on the bad days, days when the Lady is bored or tired or hungover; days when she is stung or depressed: you do not want to see her then. Because on those days, looking to all the world like rot, she is far less charitable. On those days, you may sooner find your tire punctured, or your wallet forgotten, than a penny glinting on the floor before you.


Mike Revell is a Creative Writing graduate from the University of Essex. He likes to write about old things in a new way, when he can steal the time to do so.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm you must know one of my friends.

tess said...

Mike, the last line is wonderful and I do appreciate your careful prose. Elegant.

Gita Smith said...

This is really good writing.

Anonymous said...

You could compress this piece even more, and I think it would be even more eloquent. The last two sentences in particular. They could be combined, even.