The Charioteer

by Tirumal Mundargi

He, with his golden hair cascading down his golden crown, rides the golden chariot with seven white horses. Bright, warm light emanates from the chariot and his seven horses get immersed in various colors. They, in white dhotis, bare-chested, head tonsured, follow the chariot, singing and dancing. I ask them, “Where’re you going?” They pause for a while and say, “We don’t know. You better ask him,” pointing to the chariot.


Tirumal Mundargi lives in Bangalore. His stories can be found in Long Story Short, Gowanus, Niteblade, Thieves Jargon, Diddledog, Shine, Pequin, Microhorror, 50 to 1, Flashshot, Wigleaf, Elimae, Best of Boston Literary Magazine, Monkeybicycle, and Word Riot.