by Rebecca Jane

O.K. Khoury was a celebrity blogger who wrote politically risky posts for an underground site. She never left her apartment without her five bodyguards, and she always washed her hands before meals using a three-step routine that involved the use of Purell Hand Sanitizer. She fastened her seatbelt whenever riding in cars, on planes, and during roller coaster rides; what’s more, she practiced looking both ways before crossing the street. One night, she went to a bar, was seduced by a mysterious stranger, and that night had the most blissful sex she’d ever had in her whole life. Still, it came as a surprise when doctors told her she had contracted the deadly Rooster Virus and had six—maybe seven—hours left to live. Upon receiving this tragic news, Ms. Khoury fired her bodyguards because she thought somebody ought to pay a price for the mistakes made that one drunken night.


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