Why Magda Believes in God

by Fiona McCashin

Sometimes, when the Magda is at home alone, she becomes fruit. Usually she turns into an apple, but occasionally she is transformed into a banana, and on particularly bad days, she has felt herself become a bunch of grapes. She blames science. You know all that gobbledegook about atoms, how everything on earth – and in the universe – is made of the same material, and how the atoms that make up you or I could just as easily form a Cheshire cat, or a wedding dress, or, of course, an apple? She understands all that, and so it is possible. Somehow, she always resumes her natural shape after a few hours, but there is no scientific reason why she should, and that is why Magda believes in God.


Fiona McCashin lives in Belfast, where she runs an (unoffical) mobile library. Her favorite fruits are strawberries and pineapples.