Sixes and Nines

by Emily McPhillips

It’s gone 9 o’clock and the post watershed TV schedule is turning us on. An ice-cream van is driving down the street whilst Damon is closing the curtains. Our two small children are in bed, and my stomach is round because a third child is due. What Damon is trying to do to me is more of the same, but an ice-cream at 9 o’clock sounds like a better option to me - I crave it. I send Damon out, and he follows the jingle of if you go down to the woods today to the next block, and when I see him next, he’s carrying in a 99 for me. My mouth’s still cold from the ice-cream as I move my head down to Damon’s crotch, but he angles me another way, as he plays with the semantics of 99, to make us 69 instead.


Emily McPhillips was born in 1985. She lives in Manchester, England.