by Dave Rudden

It should have worried me more that when I decided to cut and run there was no one to say goodbye to. I felt more when cutting up my credit card than I did locking up the apartment I had lived in for eight years. None of it mattered; the walls and floor were just a frame for the life I had lived, and after the clothes and books went into a thrift store I had no need of either. My itinerary was blissfully short; a heavy coat, a couple of shirts, a pair of jeans and the keys to my truck. I wanted to feel sadness, to feel regret, anything. All I felt was hope.


Dave Rudden is a Instructor of Creative Writing at the Centre for Talented Youth in Dublin City University and has contributed to the anthologies 'Damn Faeries' and 'Under the Stairs' from Divertir Publishing. He lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. You can read his blog here.