Trail Run

by Maryanne Petkac

The mud sucked the bottoms of her shoes as she ran along the forested trail, side-stepping partially-hidden stones and tree roots. Falling wet leaves stuck to her head and shoulders, and she was certain there were squirrels aiming acorns at her as she zig-zagged underneath the trees. She skipped down nature-made stairs of slate and dashed across the man-made wooden bridge that spanned Brandywine gorge. She breathed the cool, humid air and pumped her arms in an effort to run faster up the steep hill that loomed before her. She heard the roar of Brandywine Falls and knew her half-way point was near. Barely glancing at the wondrous waterfall, she rushed past, making her way toward the downhill trail that was awaiting her footprints.


Maryanne Petkac is an office manager at Baldwin-Wallace College.