Repeat Offender

by Laura C.

He buried the body beneath the teeming sea of kudzu on the corner of Park and Boulevard, which lay silently a few blocks east of their home. On one of their nightly walks around the neighborhood, during which they almost always passed the abandoned lot, he saw a patch of vines and greenery silently shuffle and sway near the edge of the block closest to the road. The air was thick with humidity and a hazy, gauze-like aura gave the scene an ethereal quality, causing him to question his senses. “Do you see something in the kudzu?” he asked his girlfriend. “No,” she said, as unaware as she had always been. He turned to look at the abandoned lot again only to find no sign of life within the weaving vines, and, in a moment divided between relief and disappointment, he thought to himself, Maybe next time.


Laura C. lives, works, writes and plays music in Athens, Georgia. She hopes to one day add "Cephalopod Whisperer" to her CV.


Paul D. Brazill said...

Very well told six.

ZAHRA said...

Nice piece!
I enjoyed reading it.
Best of luck with future pieces.

Payton L. Inkletter said...

You have rendered the scene of the crime so well, Laura, and the offender comes across as a disturbing combination of creep and normal fellow.

His girlfriend might be living on borrowed time. I like the way you present but one essence of the woman: 'as unaware as she had always been'.