A Hot Corporate Cameo

by Meera Kannan

The air conditioner was playing snowball with us. Weird, these work places, it’s always "extreme weather" here. As usual, I turned around to the administration department behind me. There is this glass screen like the equator that separates us & "them" and divides the climate in their favor. I dabble with different art forms to attract their attention, too lazy to drag the earthly but committed soul onto the other side of the door. A shadow game, an action stunt, puppetry or pop act; my hot cameo role never fails to warm us up.


Meera Kannan, a financial analyst, is as passionate about words as she is about numbers.

1 comment:

Grey Johnson said...

Meera, your climate comments are insightful. Your final sentence was very strong as well. I had trouble interpreting the "too lazy to drag..." phrase.