Shush, Don’t Laugh

by Paige von Liber

So the story goes that this comedian was a thief, stealing for her own perverted amusement, due to her monotonous and ever growing failures at everything else. Humor and stand up wasn’t all it was cracked up to be after all, but bound and determined to conquer she had learned to mimic the laughs of others and that power proved too much for this one city. The comedian would tell corny bathroom and knock-knock jokes to any small group she happened across, then laugh back at the people exactly like they had laughed at her, it seemed to always stop them cold in mid haha and they wouldn’t laugh any more, it just wasn’t funny. Before long she had stolen all the good laughs and moved on to the snorting, gawky and squeaky ones and soon there were no more seal laughs or any donkeys, it may sound like a blessing but think about, yeah just think about it. The city grew more and more quiet and she began creeping in and out of doorways and up fire escapes late at night in search of any poor sap who would mistakenly chuckle, giggle or even grunt in amusement. It was only a matter of time before she had to enlarge her pantry because that’s where she kept all the laughter she had stolen, safe and sound, sealed up tight in cans.


Paige von Liber sometimes has things to say over at her blog Paradise Valley 2... Hell’s Mountain, where she has been known to fall over the edge.