The Other Side

by Chantal M. Shelstad

When the doorbell rang at 5:30am, Kaylee knew something was wrong. Her first thought when she opened her eyes was the baby in the next room, hoping she was still fast asleep. As she wrapped a robe around her sleepy body and descended the stairs, her next thought was of her husband half a world away. Her stomach wrenched when she reached the foyer. Ignoring the peephole for the first time in months, Kaylee opened the heavy wood door. They didn’t have to say anything, though, because she already knew why they were there.


Chantal M. Shelstad is an Army wife living in Hawaii and an aspiring writer editing her first novel. She spends most of her time watching trashy TV, taking care of her puppy, Dexter, and writing. (Check out her blog and website.)


Joe said...

Excellent six. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Heart wrenching.

Just said...

Really touching. All the best to you and yours Chantal. x

Madam Z said...

War is hell, on so many levels.