Ireland Revealed

by Craig O'Neill

I saw my brother naked. This wasn't the first time, but in the almost 50 years since the last time this had happened, a lot had changed. It was the first night of an eight day trip through Ireland with two of my three brothers, and of all the sights I had anticipated seeing, this was not even close to making the Top 20. Gary, The Elder, wanted to focus on old monasteries, I was interested in Neo-lithis ruins, and Kevin, The Younger, was looking for flower boxes in window sills to take pictures of. We all accommodated one another's desires very well for three people who share the same DNA and little else. But now, three years after the trip, the most vivid memory of the adventure is of Gary walking out of the shower right past me, with his half-century old buttocks swaying back and forth to the rhythm of Baba-loo, Baba-loo, Baba-loo...


Craig O'Neill is just a guy in Oregon.