An Honest Mistake

by Rachel Sparks

Once upon a time, far away and long ago, there were two sisters: one fair, the other dark. As so many do, they grew up and grew apart. The fair sister got her Ph.D. from Yale and her Juris Doctor from Harvard; the dark sister got her black eye from the corner drug dealer and her broken arm from her loving boyfriend. One day, there was a terrible accident but Gabriel, who has become quite forgetful in his old age, got the two sisters' souls mixed up. It would be reported on the front page of the State Newspaper the next day how a coked out prostitute had miraculously survived a collision with a Land Rover going 40MPH without so much as a scratch as she crossed the street and would live happily ever after surrounded by her adoring children and helpful friends; buried deep on the last page of the Country Chronicle was a blurb about a local attorney who had incurred massive unexplained internal injuries and died alone at Good Samaritan Hospital that same night. So you see child, you must cherish your sister, for though you grow up and grow apart, you will always be connected.


Rachel Sparks is a law school applicant by day and a LOST connoisseur by night. She also keeps a blog.


Joe said...

Like this one a lot. Very well-written and detailed.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting exploration of fate. Well done.

Alyssa said...

Incredible. This is awesome.

Unknown said...

I second what Joe said: this is well written and detailed. Nice job.