Life of a Craftsman

by Daniel Warskow

I am a smith; I work with myriad tools at my disposal. Each morning, prior to working on the daily orders, I carefully look over my tools, discriminating as I select the ones most appropriate for the day's labors and hone them to a razor's edge. My life is creating finished goods out of raw elements, carefully forging functional items and simultaneously brilliant works of art. Now I hammer away at the amorphous mass, each ferocious strike follows the previous, energetically building on the work already completed. Within mere moments, I have produced a finished work based solely on a vision. I am most pleased with my choice of tools; today, I chose adjectives.


Daniel Warskow is fighting the urge to become a writer and only occasionally blogs about it.


Joe said...

Works on many levels and excellently said with a great ending.

Christian Bell said...

Great description of the work of a craftsman, applied well here as it pertains to the writer but for anyone whose work involves craft. Nice word choices throughout.

quin browne said...

i still think we should be called wrighters.

peggy said...

Until the very last phrase, I thought this was a serial-killer-type story.

A) that would have been too easy and overdone, despite holding my anxious attention until the bitter end;
B) A great twist for a surprise ending, without misdirection for a tool.

Kudos to a great, interactive read.

ps. impressive adjective use too

Michael Solender said...

This works well and worn.