King Me

by Sue Ellis

Larson says we can harvest horseradish in any month spelled with an 'r.' He's the big-shot gardening expert now. After global warming, crop failures and food shortages, he's elevated in stature from neighborhood blight to sought-after advisor. Eats it up, too, in his filthy coveralls, holding court beside a stinking chicken coop. "So, Jurwry and Argust are the months to dig?" I ask him innocently, and he doesn't even condescend to smile at my wit. I palm a couple of eggs when he's not looking.


Sue Ellis is a retired postmaster who lives with her husband in Spokane, Washington. She has been previously published in Flash Me Magazine, Camroc Press Review, Wild Violet, and Dead Mule, all online publications. She is a member of the Internet Writers Workshop.