To Control the Weave

by Christopher Jacobsmeyer

Chaos raged in the void as Gareth struggled to bring it under his control. Whenever he thought that he was about to make progress, something (he couldn’t quite make out what it was) screamed past him at incredible speed, and it strained him so much that he almost lost his concentration. Mental energy coursed through him as he drew the glowing mass of incorporeal tendrils that was the center of the void unto himself. Just as he was about to reach out to it, it shot away, shrinking in size until it disappeared. “Blast it,” Gareth muttered as he slipped back into reality. As much training as he had in the mystical arts, some things were still beyond his grasp.


Christopher Jacobsmeyer is a self-styled fantasy author dabbling in the realms of sci-fi and horror. His tolerant wife and headstrong daughters humor him as long as it suits their needs. If that weren't enough, a trio of cats keeps him in check with their whispered designs of conquest at night.