Tack On Another One

by M. Courteau

I recently went on a date. Apparently I was funny because she told me I should be a stand up comedian. I went deadpan. Something about the comment. I stood up, fished out my half of the dinner, walked out, lit a cigarette and strolled home alone on a pleasant fall evening. A few days later she called to apologize, for what, she did not know.


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quin browne said...

welcome to my world.

Joe said...

A unique six.

MDJB said...

It worked for you. You'll have them eating out of the palm of your hand just by getting into an unexplained dudgeon. Use the power wisely.

Miss Vicki alias GranitaToGo said...

Wow, and she called you to apologize, how about that! Truly, something said with goodwill can click a switch in our brains that makes us act very unpredictably. Excellent how you caught that in 6Sentences!

Anonymous said...

I blooming well love this! Made me laugh so much. Great six, like your woman in question I'll be coming back for more. But at least I know why.