On the Prowl

by Irina March

It was shaping up to be yet another wasted evening and he was about to leave when he spotted her across the crowded bar. She was by far the best prospect he had come across in weeks. He therefore wasted no time in introducing himself and used all his considerable charm to effortlessly keep the conversation going by expounding on his very favorite subject: himself. She was of course fascinated and before he knew it they were sharing a fourth drink and he was suppressing a grin as she shyly suggested they continue the conversation somewhere more private. Since she insisted on freshening up before they left, they agreed to meet by the door after he had settled the tab. He gave the waitress a sly wink as he reached for his wallet but it was nowhere to be found.


Irina March is widely believed to be illiterate. She's hoping this present venture might put that to rest.