The Old Title Didn't Work

by Peggy McFarland

An old friend stopped by, to chat, catch up, just say hi. He drank her beer while he talked about his travels, the people he met, the ones he hooked up with, his job and how he was back and free. He helped himself to her bourbon, got another beer, took off his shoes and told about his plans and how he was back in town just to get back on his feet. She started to tell him about her job, but he excused himself to use the bathroom - all the bevies, you know, he said. When he returned, he sat closer to her, winked, and asked how about a go, for old time's sake. She smiled graciously as she stood, opened the front door, and thanked him for stopping by; it was exactly like old times.


Peggy McFarland's stories have been (or will be) published (soon) at FlashShot, Long Story Short, Everyday Weirdness, Absent Willow Review, Sonar 4 E-Zine, hoi polloi III, Harbinger*33, WordSlaw, 6SV1 and 6SV2. Her full 6S catalog is here.