Her Own Personal Pronoun

by Zeptimius Hedrapor

Not long after moving to the city, Anne met Pat and they fell madly in love. The next time she made her weekly call to her mom, she focused her mind before dialing, and during the chat, she carefully weighed every word she said. "Pat is a designer," she'd say, and "Pat and I went to the movies yesterday." She actually managed to throw in a "Pat is shaving" once, which was technically true: legs, though - not beard. Pretty soon, the big announcements came - I think Pat could really be the one; Pat would love to meet you guys, but we're both incredibly busy; Pat is moving in with me - and finally, the Big One: "Pat and I are getting married." Maybe she was letting her guard down, maybe it was the inevitability of the truth getting out; whatever the reason, three weeks later, she finally slipped up and said that word she'd been dancing around all these months: SHE.


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