Anteater Attack

by Rod Drake

Our colony was attacked only hours ago, reports are still coming in from all sector tunnels, thousands, maybe tens of thousands are dead or missing. None who survived will ever forget that monstrous, black tongue snaking through the dark tunnels bringing sticky death to all that it encountered. The queen, thank Axion the Ant-God Creator, was not slain and eaten, and remains safe with her egg sac bursting with potential new workers to replace at least some of our devastated ranks. Rebuilding has started already, earth is being moved, collapsed tunnels opened, so hopefully there will be survivors, and this holocaust will not be as bad as we fear at this point. But we need protection from this ravenous beast, thus our scouts, under a white leaf, are even now meeting with the red ant colony some distance away, to see how we can breed a poisonous bite as they have done. Even if we could just wound the anteater, stun him with small amounts of poison, hopefully draw sufficient blood to weaken him, throwing that scent into the air so that jackals will pick it up and track him down, well, that would be salvation and sweet revenge, thank Axion on High!


Rod Drake wonders if the Mayans were right about December 21, 2012.