11:55pm, 9/6/2009, Ahora Esta Noche

by Carter Maddox

Lots of green stuff tonight. C and I made drunken quiche. (He said he wished he could have it everyday and smiled and later laughed and told me I should be the chef for his wedding, and I thought Wow, so I went from being a love interest to being a staffer. He followed up by saying that I'd also be his best man.) Lots of incense. There's a layer of dust on my mirror.


Carter Maddox is managing editor for Texas State University-San Marcos's Words Work literacy journal. He's published in GuyWriters magazine as well.


Christian Bell said...

Nice. The four sentences outside the parentheses read like a quick dispatch, maybe a Twitter message or in older times perhaps a journal entry or telegram. The title sets this up. At first I wasn’t sure why the parentheses were necessary but I see it now. The sentences within appear to have a different style and provide the deeper meaning.

Maureen Jivani said...

Lovely stuff and a brilliant last line. Wish I'd written it!

Anonymous said...

So much explored and I love the self reference to the title within the piece. It's a documentation of one of those moments that we can only deal with by giving it times, places and locations.


Teresa Stenson said...

There's so much in these sentences, I'm in awe a little.