Six Verses Before the Chorus

Six Sixes by Michael D. Brown


Michael D. Brown writes whenever he can, laboring on his magnum opus: Any Day Now.


maureen said...

Wonderful! I love the quiet tension.

Álvaro Zúñiga said...

Congratulations Michael:
I hope you can keep up writing like this!
Nice work.

Joe said...

Very nice slice of life sixes. V was my favorite. Liked the possibilities of a Friday afternoon kind of thinking.

Ruth said...

Hi Michael! I enjoyed your "Six Verses Before the Chorus", especially V! Keep up the great work :)

Jenn said...

Uncle Mike, this is wonderful! It's such a pleasure to read your work. As a teacher of High School English, I can especially relate to part IV, and loved the ponderings and eloquent simplicity of part V! Now I know from whence my writing bug came.

Anonymous said...

Michael we really like the characters of your stories they were like so real!
They were really cool ;)
Frida and Mario