Mirror, Mirror

by Sharon Haywood

Darcy arches her back and strains over one shoulder, and then with a twist, the other. She sighs. As she faces her full-length reflection, she frowns at the flesh that brims over the elasticized band of her new pink and purple bikini bottom. Chin to chest, she pinches the paunch just beneath her bellybutton, scrunching her nose at it. Straightening up and confronting herself again, she tugs at the sides of her top. Palms flat, Darcy smoothes out the folds that wrinkle the pretty princesses, and then darts down the stairs and out the back door to join her sisters in the shallow end.


Sharon Haywood - originally from Toronto - is a writer and editor living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Much of her writing focuses on promoting a healthy body image at sites such as Adios, Barbie and Any-Body. Check out more of her work - both fiction and non-fiction - at her website.


Michael Solender said...

this piece is so fresh and visual, i can smell the chlorine..

quin browne said...

what a great reflection (no pun)on the body image forced on young girls today... and how they stress about it at every age.

rsln said...

I saw myself in the mirror until the very end. I loved it! :)

Sharon Haywood said...

Thanks for the feedback!

Gwen E. Kirby said...

I wish this wasn't a story that felt so true. You capture exactly how women so often feel, and it is sad to see those thoughts in the mind of a little girl.

Well done, Sharon!