Mind Tricks

by Salena Casha

She tucked her feet beneath her skirt, wedging her hands into her armpits. Snow fell down upon her nose, freezing away the feeling in her exposed extremities. Six weeks to date she had sat on the street corner, begging the indifferent passersby for money, food, anything. She was just about to shut her eyes and wait for the ever-elusive sleep to grace her with its presence when the sound of someone saying her name drifted into her ears. She squinted through the falling snow, searching for the whisperer, but the street was empty. They were already gone.


Salena Casha is a freshman at Middlebury College intent on majoring in English. Her work is set to appear in the September issue of Niteblade Magazine.


Christian Bell said...

I love the idea here of this woman hearing her name and not seeing who said it when she opens her eyes. It could be anyone—God, someone she knows, her imagination. Great possibilities here.

Brat said...

Wow. Really made me FEEL.

Good job in yer six!

quin browne said...

there were parts of this i liked very much.

camilyn said...


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