by Rebecca Gaffron

Goodbyes are hard, but I carry part of you with me. We marked each other long ago; left pieces of ourselves we could not reclaim, pieces we did not want, or did not want to face. Curled together against the cold, you whispered your deepest fears into my hair. Your tears still linger on my bare skin, though your words refuse to be remembered clearly. Your hand on my arm offered me a way out. Long ago, before broken bodies and hearts, before breached covenants and lost words, we were friends; you knew my secrets and I knew yours.


Rebecca Gaffron is a sometimes writer / sometimes procrastinator and hopes she will be forgiven for both. Her stories can be found in a variety of print and online journals and at her virtual home.


Joe said...

Eloquent and beautifully said.

Editor Jamaica said...

So poetic! Lovely writing. I love this line "...you whispered your deepest fears into my hair."

Oh my. So deep.

austere said...


Becca said...

Thank you all for your kind words!