The Difference Between Love and Text

by Joseph Grant

He asked her to dance but instead she asked for his cell and with a smile he gave her his digits and almost as quickly she disappeared inside the human fog that was the crowded club. Dismayed, he went back to his friends and shrugged and said women don’t want to talk anymore, all they want to do is text when his cell suddenly vibed in his pocket. sure luv2, u buy me a drink lol the text read and he looked at the bar and spotted the shorty he wanted to dance with standing there texting. She was a blonde little hottie, somewhat pudgy but pudgy in all the right places, he thought and like the old song went 18 with a ‘tude, 19 acting kinda snotty acting real rude, but he liked the challenge and bought her drinks until her spoiled sourpuss turned to a buzzed smile. Considering himself lucky, he left with her while she texted her friends she was leaving with him, a guy her friends thought was below her game. Back at his place he was annoyed by how many calls the princess had to take but charmed his way into her pink chonies, anyway and so as he banged her from on top and from behind, he told himself never again, as she texted the entire time.


Joseph Grant is one of 6S's favorite sons, and the hits just keep on coming.