by Anshuman Fotedar

"Would you like to have something, sir?" asked the angel in the blue schoolgirl uniform, and managing to peer through the cloud that covered my senses, I saw Aditi - her beautiful eyes gleaming at me as pearls from the depths of the ocean. It's been so long since I saw you last, I thought, my mouth parched, I knew not why. She was silent; she looked just like she had at the party, with her long lustrous black hair flowing over her shoulders - or did she? No, this was not a school uniform at all - she had gone back to a life of being the panacea for weary travelers and scared little kids (Ah, the romance of it!). "Sir...," she said, now somewhat imploringly, "...perhaps you'd like a sandwich" - huh - I paid for a chicken sandwich and a carton of juice. Perhaps my face was flushed, for I saw airhostess Nidhi give me a tiny little smile as she moved over to the next row of seats.


Anshuman Fotedar is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Computing at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and has decided that he should write.