Control Issues

by Peggy McFarland

I had the radio dream again. I'm at the control board and U2 is warbling the last 10 seconds of "Out of Control" and I look at the empty second turntable and panic. The albums are all down the hall in the record room and I didn't pull them ahead of time. I grab a cartridge for an unscheduled commercial to buy sixty seconds but all I find are ten second public service announcements. Song ends, microphone on and my mind blanks. Dead air... until I awake and realize radio is all computerized now and I'm not a DJ and I never run out of things to say.


Peggy McFarland is proud to add the upcoming anthologies by Harbinger*33 and Absent Willow Review to her credits. Her works have appeared or will appear at Long Story Short, Sonar 4 E-Zine, Absent Willow Review, FlashShot, and WordSlaw. Her full 6S catalog is here.