Blue Dolphin

by Mark Cunningham

She had a blue glass dolphin hanging from her rear-view mirror, so we knew her special sonar could lead us to the nearest Windham Hill CD. The universe may be a collection of non-simultaneous events, but at night every sea is the Black Sea. "The man of tomorrow is of above-average practical intelligence" — the problem is, it’s always today. They tried to convince me that "to quit" meant "to keep going for two more weeks." The airport’s observation deck gave us a great view of the parking lots. The staff said that if anyone had a concern, raise a hand; however, since at that point I had only fins, they wouldn’t call on me.


Mark Cunningham recently moved from Virginia to central Missouri. Now, instead of being at the mall three times a year, he's there five times a week. (It's the only place to find decent magazines.)