The Artist’s Muse

by Nora Nadjarian

You’ll search for me everywhere, and finally when you find me, I’ll know what the word relief looks like. Relief is your face when I enter your studio and land - after I’ve been flying out and up and elsewhere - fully clothed and moonlit. You’ll catch some of that with your eyes, envious of the silver dust on my sandals, and of the little tear on my long dress where the corner of a star ripped it slightly. “It’s been a while,” you’ll say. “This time I’ll paint you. Next time we’ll fly together.”


Nora Nadjarian is a poet and writer from Cyprus. Her first collection of short stories, Ledra Street, was published in 2006. Her poems and short stories have been included in anthologies and journals internationally, including May Day: Young Literature from the Ten New Member States of the European Union, published by the European Commission. In 2009, her story “And the Seven Dwarves” was a finalist from over 900 submissions in the Binnacle Sixth Annual International Ultra-Short Competition at The University of Maine at Machias (USA).


Editor Jamaica said...

This is a beautiful piece of writing. I love the last sentence!"

Your imagery is lovely and the words just rolled off my tongue.

I enjoyed this.

Christian Bell said...

Yes, I’ll second that—lovely imagery, the words roll off the tongue. Sentences five and six are what make this piece exceptional.

John said...

The writer cerainly has great imagination. She was able to blend her power of saying everything in a few short sentences plus her choice of words to create this piece. It isn't a 6 sentence competition, it's a complete whole story. Fabulous!

granitatogo said...

Hello from Greece, Nora! This is lovely. The story becomes quite lyrical starting from "after I've been flying out and up and elsewhere" and continues to gain lyrical momentum until the end.
I think this sounds like a Turkish fairy tale, maybe the muse and her artist fly away together on a magic carpet. Vicki

Michael Solender said...

simply magnificent!