She Enables Him Tearing Us Apart

by Art Zamarripa

Her son is a 29-year-old, three-time felon, ex-meth addict that now smokes pot whenever he can, without a job, and he isn’t bothering to look for one as long as he can collect his paltry unemployment check, buy his beer and cigarettes. His mother - my girlfriend - complains to me that he has no direction; he’s unmotivated and sucking the life out of her while bumming money that he never repays. He rarely pays rent and when he does it isn’t the amount agreed upon when he first moved into the back room. Meanwhile, we both work and come home to see him lounging around, playing with his dog, spray painting various items, dirtying and hiding dishes, glasses and utensils, snacking at will from the refrigerator and pantry, dropping beer cans and cigarettes where he pleases and generally avoiding helping around the house unless confronted with ultimatums. At her request I confronted him, to make his life uncomfortable so that he’d go looking for a job. She was on my side for only twenty hours.


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