by Alyssa Quintieri

The smell of popcorn reminds Lana of prison. Movie Theater Butter; Visiting Prison and Sharing Awkward Conversation Butter. She becomes conscious of her memories as she watches the bag inflate and make itself known. Fifteen years seems like a lot to Lana, who has only been alive for double that. The light in the microwave transports her to the visitor's room, where fifteen year old Lana tries to find a comfortable position in a hard, plastic chair, in the most uncomfortable situation. Before she completely loses herself, Mark's hands find her waist and he whispers, "Lana, I think you burnt it."


Alyssa Quintieri is a voracious reader, sporadic writer, and perpetual student. She has been published in Six by Six, Issue 2, and 6S, Volume 2. (She's starting to like the number 2.)