by Alexia Ruggles Brown

In the girl's closet was dirty laundry - floral and polka-dot underwear - and a Girl Scout uniform, tee shirts, faded jean skirts, and nightgowns with rosebud patterns. Gently hidden against the back wall, behind the dirty white Keds and worn Jellies, was a shoe box. Inside was a diary: yellow and green-striped, and tied around the outside of the diary was a long brown strand of hair. A new hair secured after each entry, and the words for my eyes only!!! written firmly on the cover. Library books covered in plastic sat scattered by the open doors, pages written on with ink and pencil. A notepad, official looking and with the girl’s father’s name on the top of each piece of paper, had scribbled drawings, and beginnings of chapters; full, elaborate names of characters - rescued princesses, time-travelers - written in cursive with fancy loops and bubbles, and stars to dot the “i”s.


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