There You Feel Free

by Brinley Froelich

Collecting earrings for my earring collection and hanging them on the wall getting me feeling all these things again. I rode a train and went straight through a mountain he just opened up his mouth wide and took a deep heavy long yawn and we rode straight through on his tongue - I looked up at his stalactite teeth wondering if he was just a baby mountain about to lose one so a new adult tooth could grow in as we rode out and he closed his mouth and he gave a wink away. I wear mountains dangly mountain earrings and keep yawning all day and in my sleep, too, and it's fine i guess it's okay; but, I want a flat horizon with land like the ocean flat and flat and flat where I can lay down and the wind will completely ignore me. You know - how it swirls around ears but skips that route that goes straight through to the bones kind of wind. Picking up my suitcase I thought to myself maybe I am part Tree (which is code for forest eyes), and then I remembered my grandpa, about the home video clip I saw of him fishing in a river in the mountains. River eyes got me home and the next thing I am going to do is grow a mountain in my garden, I am not sure if I will ever be able to escape them.


Brinley Froelich lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and blogs here.