Room 106

by Laura Ann Giroir

Familiar faces lost in transit. No more sharing space. At night, I sometimes think about missing you. Recalling words and phrases incomprehensible to those who weren't around when we first threaded hearts in room 106. The numbers dangled on the door, threatening to crash. I love your laugh.


Laura Ann Giroir is a student at Louisiana State University.


Walter said...

I like.

essygie said...

great first line :-)

David H. said...

Those last two sentences were especially great.

Anonymous said...

jeanette cheezum

I love this. Filled with imagery.

AM said...

I really like the way you ended with a clear feeling statement that was a little bit juxtaposed to the general feeling of the first 5.

Madame X said...

i love the imagery of hearts being threaded together - great words.