The Loft

by Roma Diaz

Mid afternoon, full of productive intent and focused fervour, the mother and daughter team had climbed the ladder to tackle the task in hand. With the promise of the fortune to be made from selling their exiled belongings, they would finally clear the space for the anticipated loft extension the husband and father of the house so eagerly talked about. “Be ruthless, there is no need for sentimentality!” Such wise words offered by someone who sloped off to watch the football match from the comfort of his armchair, unaware of the forgotten possessions that were about to rediscovered and subsequently re-loved. Three hours have flown by yet the loft remains cluttered of junk, possibly in a more chaotic state than earlier. The devious disappearance of daylight forces them to climb back down and to once again, close the hatch for another Sunday.


Roma Diaz has rediscovered her love for writing and is currently contemplating creating a blog about the soap opera that is her life.