Sixth Grade Sweetheart

by Peggy McFarland

He took a shower, even though he just had one last week. He broke open the three-month-old gift pack of deodorant and body spray (label warning: women will attack) and applied generously. He put on his favorite shirt with the skulls and guitar, smoothed on the hair gel, checked his fingernails, and brushed his teeth - twice, just in case. Too many of her friends giggled with her at her locker for a safe approach. In between classes, on the way to lunch, at recess... can’t she go anywhere without her friends hanging on her? Waiting to board her bus, she was alone (finally!) so he grabbed his friend Dylan’s arm, pushed him towards her and commanded, “Go ask her if she likes me!”


Peggy McFarland, our first “Six of the Month" winner, wishes her sons would slow down and wait to grow-up. Check out her full catalog here, and also her shorts in both 6S anthologies.