Oprah Winfrey Bitch-Slaps Towelie!

Cartoon Towel disses Talk Show Queen's Book Club

"Towelie," an animated character occasionally featured on Trey Parker and Matt Stone's South Park, was bitch-slapped by Oprah Winfrey yesterday after dissing Six Sentences, Volume 2 - her latest Book Club selection. Winfrey referred to her advance copy of 6SV2 as "magnificent" and "a must-read for fans of excellent short prose." Towelie retorted by yawning and calling the anthology "excellent... if you're high." Winfrey initially kept her cool, but when the blue towel called her Book Club a "shimmy shimmy sham-sham," then made fun of the postponement of her latest selection's publication date, she quickly bitch-slapped it. "Hey!" it said as it zoomed across the stage. (As of this writing, the exact release date for Oprah's latest selection remains unknown.)


Six Sentences wishes you a very Happy April Fools Day!