Her Sloppy, Headlong Journal

by Gabriel McCaslin

Her sloppy, headlong journal will be characterized by very dirty, smudged writing, crazy messes of ink everywhere and omitted or embellished words roughening the rereading. No verb to support the rules of grammar here, there no modifier or noun, here an uncalled-for flourish at the end of the phrase "damn the hermit," there a drawn-out series of ever-larger periods. And headlong, headstrong ideas, no-holds-barred, full-bore ideas with no regard for common decency or other, less common restrictions. Every dash will be wild and dripping with drastic ink, indicating insane leaps of logic or vast springing bounds over the fences of faith and belief. A period indicates a collision, because with no brakes the only stopping comes by way of ramming into the next sentence. A comma is the last ratcheting second at the top of the big drop, before the final fatal rolling, swinging, head-over-heels plunge.


Gabriel McCaslin is a student in Munich, Germany.