The Bears

by Bob Heman

The author of Training Your Husband advocated traditional domestic discipline as one of the tools available to every wife. It was not a best seller among the bears. They didn’t read much and when they did it was usually one of those old style photo novels that showed frame after frame of bears in the forest with speech balloons rearranging all that ever happened or ever could happen. Their favorite story was the one about the girl with the long blond hair who snuck into a bear house much like their own and soon fell asleep on a bed that was neither too hard nor too soft. She was never given a speech balloon of her own which left her a mystery to even the most perceptive of the bears. The name they gave her reflected their uncertainty about her.


Bob Heman's short prose pieces have appeared in numerous places including Quick Fiction, Paragraph, Sentence, and Tuesday Shorts. His short collection How It All Began can be downloaded for free here.


Madam Z said...

Does a bear read in the woods?

I can bearly wait to read more of Bob's prose.

Erin said...

I absolutely love this story. Great concept, and really well written. Thanks for sharing!