No Fairy Tale

by Rod Drake

When Grimka the witch was shoved unceremoniously into her own oven, she realized how those damned kids had played her. Hansel and Gretel, if that were their real names, were neither innocent nor probably even siblings. They were a pair of savvy juvenile con-artists with murder on their minds and a feverish candy addiction. Grimka wondered how many times these #%$&* brats had pulled this same bait-and-switch routine on other witches. As the flames consumed Grimka, it occurred to her that the number of witches using the candy house modus operandi had been mysteriously vanishing lately obvious victims of these witch hate crimes. Grimka heard the children’s laughter, hollow and mean, as they slammed the oven door shut.


Rod Drake, whose full catalog is here, is the Official 6S Author of Friday the 13th (and Halloween).