by Marguerite Sansone

A day off. I sit here in my sweatpants wondering what I should do next; how I should fill these precious, highly anticipated hours. I stare at the snowman figurines, dusty in the morning sunlight, and feel I should put them away – it is March after all – but I stall, thinking there are more important things to do. I eat, bathe, dress and then fill the remaining daylight hours making a deposit at the bank, food shopping, preparing dinner - all necessary chores. Six o’clock comes, then eight o’clock, and I wonder, where in God’s name did this day go? I pack up the snowman figurines, blowing dust off their white bulbous faces, and hope that tomorrow, like the changing seasons, will bring something more.


Marguerite Sansone is a paraprofessional children’s librarian who lives in New Jersey. In her spare time, she writes children’s stories and screenplays, and has recently completed a mystery novel.